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Exchanging Our World and the SUSI Experience

By Laura Ivanier, Cendrella Abou Fayad, Tendai Mabvure We have started the third and last week of our SUSI Scholars…Read More

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Three Learners’ Journey through Unknown Terrains in a Guided Boat

We can firmly say that the ITD team, by realizing the SUSI program on U.S. Economics and Business, builds new…Read More

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Blog SUSI 2021 Brazil, Hungary, Mongolia

This is Anita Kéri here, a teacher and researcher from the University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,…Read More

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Ligia – SUSI Educators Program

I am Ligia and I am a teacher. I´m always trying to teach my students more than English so I…Read More

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2021 SUSI Alumni Conference

January 25, 2021 Study of the U.S. Institutes 2

ITD is very excited to announce the SUSI Alumni Conference to take place virtually from February 7 through February 13,…Read More