LAES What to Bring


Here are some additional items you might find useful to bring from home:
1.    Please bring or make accessible through the internet any data (GIS maps, reports, surveys, photos) you think you may need for the action plan you will design during the program to apply when you return to your home country.
2.    Proof of vaccinations from your doctor's office.
3.    Brochures and pictures from and about your home organization.
4.    Medication that you are currently taking to cover your whole stay in the U.S.
5.    Non-prescription remedies that you may commonly use.
6.    Medical history if you are under treatment or prone to illness.
7.    Copy of your home health insurance card.
8.    Extra pair of eyeglasses.
9.    Music.
10.  A camera, and/or smartphone, if you have one, to help with the video for the Congress.
11.  A coat or jacket.  Bringing clothes that can be layered is recommended.
12.  Comfortable, sturdy shoes for both hiking and possible fieldwork.
13.  A photocopy of your passport.
14.  Nothing of value that will be missed if lost during travel!

NOTES: United States Customs forbids the importation of unsealed foods and agricultural products.
Participants are fully responsible for their luggage and other property at all times. ITD and its staff are not liable for theft or loss of personal property.