]TSI Participant Profiles

Ms. Amel ABBES
I'm an ELT inspector, with an experience of 13 years as a teacher of English in Tunisian high schools, currently responsible of supervising teachers and ensuring in-service training. I grew up in Tabarka, a small coastal town in the North West of Tunisia.

I have  worked at school for five years as an English teacher. In 2003 I entered institute of World Languages in Ashgabat city. Besides I am a volunteer at the American corner and I give Spanish classes to visitors.  Both working at secondary school and   as an Access teacher helped me experience two different kinds of curriculum and teaching styles.

Ms. Aldaarma BAATARJAV
I have been teaching English for 11 years in a small town in eastern Mongolia. This year I started working as a foreign language specialist. I oversee the province's English & Russian teachers and provide trainings for them. I also give advice to the teachers after I view their lessons to help them improve their curriculum and their lesson planning. I also help organize seminars for the English teachers around Sukhbaatar province, Mongolia. I have two young boys with my husband and I enjoy spending time with family and friends. As the teacher of English my responsibility is to share my experience with my colleagues and students whom I teach and interact.

After obtaining my degree from Faculty of Philosophy at University of Sarajevo  I have been working as an English teacher in different highschools as well as in language schools at general English courses. I have been teaching English as Language A in IB Middle Years Programme at Druga gimnazija Sarajevo since 2009. Apart from my basic duties related to the very teaching process, I always do my best to help my students in many extracurricular activities such as organizing language fairs, participation in different projects, preparing them for competitions as well as prompt them do some voluntary work. I have been a member of the team that has developed a new English Language textbook, which included a lot of work in order to meet all necessary requirements for incorporation into the curriculum. 

Ms. Julia BAUDIN
I am a  Technology Teacher and I teach students ages 13 to 16 in the history and use of computers, woodworking, and mass media. I have created a unit with the second year students regarding woodworking and had students create music stands as their final project. I also led students in a unit about mass media where students had to research the life of a famous person and create fictional interviews with that person and attempt to contact them.

Ms. Celeste BORJAS
I'm from a small semirural town called Montes in Uruguay. I´m 28 years old and I have been teaching English as a foreign language since 2004 in public institutions exclusively.
Currently, besides  teaching,  I also study Linguistics at Faculty of Humanities  in Montevideo and I work in Group volunteering.  I am very interested in the connection between language learning and culture (intercultural paradigm) and its influence on the improvement of my students` communicative competence.

I serve as Nepal English language Teachers' Association (NELTA) in the capacity of Treasurer in the central Executive Committee voluntarily  and Crimson International College, New Baneshor, Kathmandu, in the capacity of Principal. Previously, I taught English as a foreign/ second language at secondary and higher secondary levels for the last fifteen years. I have presented papers on English Language Teaching and Linguistics in different ELT national and international conferences.

I have studied Greek Literature in Athens and then I pursued post-graduates studies. Currently I work as a high-school teacher in Cyprus. I teach Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Latin, History and Civil Education. I love reading, studying and research and I am a doctorate candidate at the University of Cyprus. My hobbies include going to the gym, dancing, walking and spending time on puzzles and crosswords.

Mr. Ernest GBEADA
Teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Cote d'Ivoire. Presently I teach at a public school in the center of Abidjan, the economic capital city. I am head of the local English teachers' council but also head of the pedagogical unit composed of five public schools.  I have taught English in secondary and high schools in Cote d'Ivoire since 1995.

I have been English teacher in secondary school for 12 years. I am not only active at school, but also in my community doing different projects, like helping disadvantaged students, children at local orphanage, and Public Achievement. I am also  President of the local branch of Azerbaijani English Teachers Association, and I have worked with a number of American Peace Corps Volunteers in my community and my country.

Ms. Laetitia HAMEL
I live in a small countryside village in the south of France not far from the city of Avignon, famous for its bridge and its palace where the Christian popes used to live in the Middle-Ages. I am 38 and I have got two beautiful children aged 10 and 13.I work in a secondary school in a nearby small town where I teach English as a foreign language to students from 15 to 19.

I have 26 years of teaching experience. I work as a teacher and a teacher trainer for CELS (Center for English Language Study). I am also a Saturday sessions coordinator of FORUM English Language Teachers' Association in Kyrgyzstan. I develop and monitor a teacher training course for secondary school teachers as well as for university teachers.

Mr. Wilmer LAGOS
I am working as an English teacher at Centro Maria Auxiliadora Familia Padre Fabretto Estelí- Nicaragua. Fabretto is a non-profit organization that helps children to break the cycle of poverty through an education and nutrition program.   In my free time I like to hangout with friends, spend time with my family, read educational books and history books, listen to romantic music and gospel music, I also like to meet new people.My goals are to learn another language (French or Italian). Another goal I have is to go to school for my master focusing on special education.

Ms. Changlian LIU
I come from China, a very beautiful country. In my spare time, I like singing songs, chatting on line, seeing films and so on.  I like English very much, but I am not very good at it.  This time I wish to make great progress in English by communicating with my friends.  I'm now working in Tibet as a high school English teacher.

Ms. Larisa
For 20 years I have been teaching in Dagda Secondary School.  Working with students actively involved in learning is where the real joy of teaching is. I try to instill in my students confidence in themselves. If they have this confidence, they have the ability to succeed. I feel that working with young people, helping them to prepare for the challenges of the future, has made my life meaningful and fulfilled. I enjoy a variety of interests including time with family and friends, swimming and canoeing, going to the art galleries and theatres.

Ms. Kristin MELHUS
Born and raised in Trondheim. Have studied at the local university NTNU, and have an MA in English (thesis on the subject American literature) and also have psychology and pedagogics. Have been a teacher for 17 years, the last 15 at Melhus senior High. Student councilor for the last four years. Live in Trondheim with my dog. Like reading, travelling, cooking and being outdoors.

Ms. Valerie PAIREAU
I work in a highschool near Paris, teaching to 15 to 18 years old pupils both in french and english. In my studies and beginning of career I've always tried to make a particular use of my knowledge of the English language and history to broaden my pupil's vision of the anglo-saxon world. Apart from working, I tend to love discovering things whether they be towns, countrysides, movies, books, arts, sports, etc.

Ms. Dafni (Daphne) PAPADOPOULOU
I am originally from Athens, but I have been living for three years now on the small island of Leros on the Aegean Sea where I work teaching English at Secondary Education State Schools for both adults and teenagers. My interests include film, traveling and learning about foreign cultures and languages.

Ms. Annukka SUONIO
Teacher of English and Swedish in the Classical High School of Tampere (Tampereen klassillinen lukio), Finland. I have been a teacher and published materials for high school English since 1996. I am currently working on a new series of materials for high school English.

Ms. Tsetska TODOROVA
I have 25 years of experience as a teacher of English and I have been teaching students from seven to nineteen years of age. I constantly enrich my professional qualification by taking part in annual teachers' seminars, courses and conferences, and attending projects, both national and international. This year I have been the supervisor and school liaison for a Fulbright English Teacher Assistant, including attending regional Fulbright meetings and conferences. As Chairman of the English Language Department at Yoan Ekzarh Foreign Language High School in Varna, Bulgaria, I have the responsibility to arrange meetings, spread materials of different publishers of English books and helping the young colleagues in their work.

Ms. Tomislava VIJANT
I have been teaching English at The High School of Economics in the town of Vukovar since 2004, as well as teaching English at Technical College since September 2011. My additional duties include being a mentor to students preparing for the state “Graduation” exam compulsory to those students who wish to enroll in a College, University or Polytechnic upon finishing their high school education. Similarly, I am a mentor to students participating in the Creative Writing Competition.

I presently work as a teacher at Malvik Videregaaende Skole (High School), students are from 16-19 years old. I have worked here for 21 years, and really enjoy my occupation. I am very excited about taking part in “The Study of the United States Institute for Secondary School Educators”. A chance of a lifetime, and look forward to a period of professional and personal enrichment.

I was born in the former Soviet Union and immigrated to Israel at the age of 16. Here I did my first steps in English in the High School. Finishing the military service, mandatory for the Jewish young people, it took some time to decide, whether to study pure English (literature or linguistics) in the local university or to get profession of an English teacher in the college of education. Enrolling and passing the exam in both, I preferred the college and received B.Ed four years later.

Ms. Barbara ZIELONKA
My name is Barbara Anna Zielonka. At the age of 25 I decided to  emigrate to Norway – country of exceptional nature and breathtaking landscapes. My teaching career in Norway started in Trysil High School. In 2008  I became  an English teacher at the Nannestad High School where I work till now. My interests encompass travelling with my husband all over the world, CLIL,  reading, pen palling and listening to music. In the winter time you would probably meet me in the Norwegian woods doing cross country skiing while in the summer I would be playing volleyball or swimming in the sea.