The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State will cover all of your international travel expenses. Your U.S. Embassy representative will make the round-trip international travel arrangements from your home city to the United States.  If you have any questions about your international travel arrangements, please contact your country's U.S. Embassy representative.

SBU staff, carrying “SUSI” signs, will meet you at the Buffalo/Niagara International Airport (Buffalo, N.Y.). Please note that staff must wait for you beyond the security stations.  As you emerge from the secure area there will be elevators directly ahead of you.  SBU staff will be in that area. If no staff person meets you on arrival, please call Maddalena Marinari on her cell phone at 716-307-6484 or Melissa Yaworsky on her cell phone at 1-716-307-6484.  You may also call the ITD office at (413) 256-1925 and leave a message if you are unable to contact Maddalena or Melissa directly. 

Please be aware that if your flight has been delayed or changed we will contact the airline to try and find your new schedule. Still, if there are any changes to your schedule, it is important to call us as soon as possible.

In the event of an emergency while traveling, you can contact any SUSI staff person starting with the academic director.  You can also contact St. Bonaventure security at 716-375-2525 if needed.  If you are stranded at an airport, do not hesitate to contact an airport or airline official for help in making contact, especially because many cell phones do not operate internationally.
Once you have found an SBU staff person, she/he will assist you with your luggage and transport you in vans to Allegany, one and a half hours away. Staff members will then help you settle into the town house at St. Bonaventure University and help you familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

Important Links:
St. Bonaventure University:  http://www.sbu.edu
Department of State Educational and Cultural Affairs:  http://eca.state.gov
City of Olean:  http://www.cityofolean.com/
Olean Tour Book (video from City web page)
Department of Homeland Security:  http://www.dhs.gov
Transportation Security Administration:  http://www.tsa.gov
Buffalo and International Airport: http://buffaloairport.com/

Participants may eat as many of the three daily meals as they wish in the St. Bonaventure dining hall. You will be provided with a meal plan that includes lunch at the dining hall on the days we will be on campus.  You may choose to eat breakfast and/or dinner at the dining hall (at a cost of $6.10 plus tax for breakfast or $8.85 plus tax for lunch) or prepare your own meal.  Cooking and dining utensils will be available in the townhouses, and participants will be provided with transportation to shopping if they would prefer to cook some of their own meals. Transportation to area restaurants will also be available upon request. There are also two a-la-carte style restaurants on campus. While traveling, participants will have access to restaurants for their meals or meal arrangements made by SBU.

While in the United States you will sometimes find it easier to eat at restaurants. The appropriate tip percentage is 15% of the total bill. If you consider the service outstanding, then 20% is the usual for tipping your waiter/waitress at any restaurant.

While on campus at St. Bonaventure, each day will consist of two sessions: a morning session lasting from 9:30-12:30p.m. and an afternoon session lasting from approximately 2:00-5:00p.m.  Each morning will begin with a short reflective session followed by a more formal classroom presentation.  Classroom sessions and field trips will generally take place Monday through Friday.  Most evenings will be unscheduled, with the occasional activity that relates to the academic sessions. Unless noted on the syllabus or we are traveling, weekend activities will be arranged by the mentors.  We will also arrange for you to visit with local families and engage in community life. Weekly evaluation/looking ahead sessions will be held on Fridays.  Sundays are generally free, but optional leisure and cultural activities may be offered.  Although the institute is designed to be intensive, you will find most of the planned activities to be interesting and engaging and will have plenty of time for rest, leisure, and socializing with fellow participants.

Participants will have access to Friedsam Memorial Library, located on St. Bonaventure's campus. Reference librarians will be available during normal library hours, and AskUs 24/7, a virtual reference service, is available around –the-clock.

You will travel on two extended study tours during the institute. You will travel to Chicago, Ill. And, in August, you will travel to New York City, N.Y. and Washington, D.C. On the study tours, you will receive an allowance to buy meals in restaurants.

Below are the scheduled cultural activities.  There will also be plenty of opportunity for individual or small group activities. 
In New York: Chautauqua Institute, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, and other sites listed on the syllabus.
In Washington:  Washington Monuments; Smithsonian and other museums; United States Capitol building.
In New York City:  Broadway play, Tenement Museum, Battery Park, Ground Zero, and tour of lower Manhattan.

Host Overnights
In order to help you get to know “ordinary Americans,” SBU will match each of you with Olean-area families who will invite you, individually or in small groups, overnight in their homes.  We hope that you stay in touch with these families throughout the program, and maybe beyond.

SBU will provide transportation to field trips and for cultural excursions in our passenger vans.

SBU will give you the following allowances during your stay in the U.S.:
Meals and Incidentals – Olean $46/day
You will receive lunch at St. Bonaventure Monday through Friday during the days you are at the University.  The cost of these meals will be deducted from your daily allowance. In addition, there may be an occasional extra meal as part of the program that will be deducted from your allowance. Your meal allowances will begin the day after you arrive.
During the study tour, you will receive an allowance that will cover all your meals and incidental expenses:
$46/day in Buffalo
$61/day in Chicago, New York City and Washington DC.

Book/Cultural Allowance $200
Each of you will receive an allowance for purchase of textbooks and for entrance to non-group cultural events.

Mailing Allowance $25
Each of you will receive an allowance to ship books and other materials home by mail at the end of the program.

You will be staying at the Townhouses on the St. Bonaventure campus.  Each apartment contains four single bedrooms.  All of the apartments are equipped with two bathrooms, living and dining areas, and kitchen facilities. Each building has its own laundry facility where the participants will be able to do laundry. The townhouses are equipped with wireless internet access. One of the apartments will be set up as a hospitality suite and will have a television with cable and one desktop computer set up with Skype.

The style of dress both in Olean and on the field trips is mostly casual. Blue jeans or pants, T-shirts and sneakers are common and regularly worn by men and women. While traveling, people normally dress casually also.

You will be expected to do your own laundry. There will be a washer and a dryer in the apartment building. During the field trip, you will have the option of using the laundry service at your hotels, but this is very expensive. Self-service laundries are close to most of your hotels. Irons and ironing boards are provided in all hotels.

We recommend that you bring one set or more of formal clothes for special functions, a bathing suit, sneakers and sturdy, comfortable shoes for walking and tours.

During your stay at St. Bonaventure you will have wireless internet access in the apartment.  You are welcome to bring your own laptop computer.  You will have access to a computer lab on campus.

While you are attending the course, you may receive mail in Olean at the following address:
      Your Name
      c/o Melissa Yaworsky or Maddalena Marinari
      Department of History
      P.O. Box A-H
      St. Bonaventure University
      St. Bonaventure, NY 14778

You will be staying in the time zone called “Eastern Daylight Savings Time” which covers all of the eastern United States, including New York and Washington, DC.  This zone is four hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time in the summer (GMT -4). During our stay in Chicago, you will be in the time zone called “Central Time Zone.” This zone is five hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time in the summer (GMT -5).

Weather during the western New York summer can be unpredictable.  The days are typically pleasant with a temperature of around 80 degrees F but it can be wet and cooler, especially at night.  It is advisable to bring a jacket or warm shirt for the evenings.  

In the United States you will be covered by U.S. Dept. of State health insurance.  The insurance covers any accident or injury you sustain while you are here. You will have a co-payment of $15 every time you visit the doctor.  The policy does not cover preventive services like regular check-ups, blood tests, dental check-ups, etc. and pre-existing conditions.  If you get sick and need medical help, please speak with an SBU staff person, and we will assist you immediately.