Claudio A. Azzi
I am a student at Getulio Vargas Foundation(FGV). I hold the position of vice-president at FGV's Economics Student Association. At the end of 2012 I joined a social entrepreneurship initiative called Banco de Negócios Inclusivos (Inclusive Businesses Bank), a student run bank that aims to end poverty through the offer of microcredit and consulting to inclusive business. My major interests are entrepreneurship, technology and education.

Pedro Delfino

Despite having Pedro as first name, almost everybody calls me by my last name: Delfino. I was born in Belo Horizonte, the third most important city of Brazil, where I am still living. Since the beginning of 2012, I have been studying at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG). I like doing  research on electoral lawand I am also interested in other areas such as Business Law.

Milena Lumini
I was born in Campinas, a city in the country side of the state of São Paulo. At the age of 19 I moved to Florianópolis, a city located in the south coast of Brazil. Throughout my academic career, I had the opportunity to help organise an event for students with important journalists in the country. I also studied one semester in Madrid, which was mind-opening.

Diana de Moura Rodrigues
International Trade
I live in the city of Natal, Brazil. I have always loved learning about new cultures and new languages. I have always been really interested by the United States, participating in various immersion courses in their language and culture. Since 2009 I do volunteer work in my community and also with the institution Junior Achievement Brazil.

Suzana Petropouleas
I'm 21 years old and I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I currently live in Campinas and study at University of Campinas, where I am part of a Junior Enterprise organization that makes financial consulting and marketing projects for small business in the city region. I am also part of the NGO Sonhar Acordado, focused on the needs of low income children, and an informal interstate networking involving students and alumni from Jesuit schools interest in learning and developing volunteering programs based in the concept of a socially responsible leadership. My main interests are history, politics, literature and physical activities, specially acrobatic gymnastics, basketball and ballet.

Waldo Ramalho
I am a student at the Faculty of Law of Recife (UFPE). I have done some undergraduate research in Legal Rhetorics, History of Ideas and the work of Lourival Vilanova. I am a teaching Assistant in Introduction to Law. I belong to a study group in General Theory and Philosophy of Law, Direito em Foco and I am also a member of the Research Group in Legal Rhetoric and History of Ideas at the Faculty of Law of Recife: ”As retóricas na história das ideias jurídicas no Brasil originalidade e continuidade como questões de um pensamento periférico” (The Rhetorics in the history of legal ideas in Brazil – originality and continuity as problems of a peripheral thought).

Daniel Rocha Silva

Hi there! I live in Minas Gerais state, southeast region of Brazil. Besides studying and working, I am an activist. I love helping people as well as learning from them. I work toward the tackling of issues such as youth apathy and gender inequality. Moreover, I fight against environmental problems and educational ones in projects I help develop. I want to become a Diplomat and I think that the SUSI will provide me with a better understanding of the American history and culture, which is meaningful for me and my endeavor in achieving my professional goal.

Bianca Thomaz
I was born in Pelotas, RS, but currently, I live in Fortaleza, CE. Among my interests are: International Law, International Relations and Human Rights. I'm fluent in English and Spanish, and I'm studying French. I intend to follow the diplomatic career. In my community, I'm engaged in social services, because I'm very concerned about social and environmental issues. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching series, listening to music and dancing.

Erica Vieira Coutinho

English and Portuguese language and literature
I'm passionate about languages and different cultures and I'm very much interested in the teaching-learning process. I'm also fascinated about the field of linguistics, more specifically the processes of language acquisition and language disorders, like dyslexia, mainly concerning kids, and how we could help them in the process of learning their mother tongue and foreign languages. Currently I work as an English teacher for children, youth and adults.

Paula Rolim
I'm from Belém, Pará, in the Amazon region and I study at UFPA – Universidade Federal do Pará. I'm interested in Applied Linguistics and learning new languages and cultures. I like to make new friends and engage in new activities. I am a volunteer at AIESEC, the world's largest student run organization. I'm sure SUSI will help me establish many of my future projects and I'm so grateful be part of it. 

Luísa Saraiva
I am a  4th semester student of International Relations at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil. I work as volunteer at GAIRE (Assistance Group for Immigrants and Refugees) helping immigrants and refugees to legalize their status in Brazil, and at the academic journal Conjuntura Austral as Portuguese-English translator. I am also part of the academic staff of three projects, UFRGSMUN Back in School, UFRGSMUNDI and RIPE that take the International Relations into the public schools in Porto Alegre. Recently I concluded my participation in the Entrepreneurship Marathon promoted by SEDETEC-UFRGS where developed a business plan for the Junior Enterprise of International Relations to be created at UFRGS.

Jonathan Braga
I'm 20 years old (but 21 in January 2nd) and originally from Luziânia, a country city near Brasilia. I live in Brasilia since 2007 and started my studies in International Relations at Universidade de Brasilia in 2010. I'm currently working as an intern at the brazilian Ministry of Defense at the attaché department. Moreover, I've worked at AIESEC and participated in United Nations simulations such as SiNUS and AMUN. I'm really interested in getting in touch with as many culture as I can and learning different languages.