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Group with scenic view

Everyone Can Do Something

November 10, 2022 Professional Fellows Program 0

By Julia Arreaga From the moment we applied to the Professional Fellows Program, expectations have been high (on both sides),…Read More

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Migration: The hard quest for a better life. A Guatemalan Professional Fellow’s Journey

November 1, 2022 Professional Fellows Program 0

By Allan Barrera (Guatemala) “I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and, if you find that you’re not,…Read More

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In front of a border wall

It Changed my Way of Seeing Life

October 28, 2022 Professional Fellows Program 0

By Lia López In this space I will share my experience in El Paso, Texas, which totally changed my way…Read More

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Woman standing in front of her display booth

I loved this Day

October 24, 2022 Professional Fellows Program 0

By Onelia Odeth Díaz Súchite Hello, I’m Onelia Díaz, from Guatemala, I work as a Specialist in Food Security, with…Read More

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A Community that Works Together

October 18, 2022 Professional Fellows Program 0

By Paola Tiguila When describing what makes a great community, the definition often includes: love and respect for each other,…Read More

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The Next Weeks to Come

October 13, 2022 Professional Fellows Program 0

By Ileana Navas The last two weeks have been more of a personal experience for me and now I have…Read More

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Dynamic, Diverse all over the Place

October 11, 2022 Professional Fellows Program 0

By Laura Trejo Chirino During the past two weeks, I saw wonders from several places in the United States: Massachusetts,…Read More

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View of the Connecticut River from Mt. Sugarloaf

I am Changing my Leaves

By Eduardo Barrita Martínez (Mexico) Leaves turn brown and fall from the trees, being separated from their branches, but it…Read More

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University of Texas at El Paso, building

There is Always a First Time for Everything

By Paulina Macías Coutiño (Chiapas, México) There is always a first time for everything, as a Professional Fellow I have…Read More

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Skeleton of a mastodon on exhibit in a museum

Travel is the Best Way to Learn

By Irving Barrera One of the quotes by the American writer Mark Twain that I like the most is: “One…Read More