SUSI 2022 for Educators Experience

By George Watika, Uganda

This week had a lot to cover and it was educative and enriching. Having had an engaging week, this Sunday was a free day for everyone to find something to do. Like it is always, people had different options and they took them on.

Personally, I took a walk to Walmart with Saima Andalib. It took us about 45 minutes to reach there. There we found Betime and Admira doing some shopping. It was a good time to look out for items for friends and family.   Gift giving is part and parcel of most of our cultures and so it would be unheard of for one to travel this far and return home empty handed. So we bought a number of items and headed back to the ITD house.

We were glad to learn of the Juneteenth anniversary.  A day when the US celebrates the emancipation of the enslaved African Americans. So, a number of Educators went to enjoy the music and fanfare of this anniversary. This was particularly of great importance since we have had a number of sessions on the struggles of African Americans in the US.

As we learn and engage with each other, the COVID 19 has not spared us. Two of the Educators have been isolated due to COVID. We pray for their quick recovery. This calls for more seriousness in as far as following the SOP’S is concerned.

The United States is without doubt a well-developed country. Looking at the infrastructure like roads, houses, schools etc., one cannot help but marvel. However, it is surprising that in this same country you find beggars on the streets. This is something that looks very strange.  A country like the US should be able to look after its poor. 

As we take a breather this Sunday, we look forward to yet another week of learning experiences. To Savor every moment. To be able to understand and use the knowledge for a better society. 

I am grateful to the US department of State and ITD for making this possible. This for me is an opportunity of a life time.