The New Americans

By Mansurzon Mirzabaev, Kyrgyzstan

The 12th day in the United States started with the cloudy weather view from the window of my room at ITD House. But my short-term experience in this amazing country let me guess there would be a clear sky in the afternoon. Walking towards the Berkshire Dining Commons, one of my favorite spots, I enjoyed the view of the street which looks like a resort and had an awesome feeling of happiness. Today we had an excellent lecture by Professor Lee Prof. Leah Schmalzbauer from Amherst Collegeon the history and today of migration processes in the United States. The session was extremely informative and interesting. The curious students of SUSI didn’t let the Professor leave without answering their questions. She was happy to share her knowledge with us.

                The discussion of the topic of migration went on during the break among the students. After the break with sweet snacks we had an opportunity to meet Mrs. Leslie Laurie. She took us on a “tour” to the Public Health System of the United States. All that we found out from Mrs. Laurie about the topic was new to us and engaging. She also spoke about reproductive health, the roles of federal and local governments, and some other means in providing health care. Traditionally the session ended with questions and answers between the students and the guest.

                After the appetizing lunch at Berkshire an amazing trip was waiting for us. We set off to Northampton to visit the Center for New Americans. The road to the place took 15-20 minutes through the wide and productive farms. Although it was a busy day at the Center, the lovely Mrs. Laurie Millman found time for us. She told about the great support of the Center to people who newly migrated to the United States by teaching English, giving legal guidance. We were happy to connect to some amazing and happy people who are on their final stage of their naturalization in the United States. We thanked Mrs. Laurie Millman for her hospitality and left the Center.

                This exciting and joyful day ended with a shopping tour in Northampton.