The Same Passion that Connects Us

By Aleksandra Đorđević, Assistant Prorfessor, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics and Business, Serbia

Leaving Boston for three days to visit Amherst showed us another side of the Massachusetts state – untouched nature, countryside scenes like in American movies, and a different way of life compared to the bustling city. However, it also showed us how much we fell in love with Boston, how much we got used to Boston in less than a month, and how much we will miss it when we leave it soon. It accepted us from the first day, welcomed us, and we devoted ourselves to it completely and tried to use all the opportunities that this city offers.

Returning from Amherst to Boston gave us a chance to say goodbye to all the beautiful places we fell in love with. That’s why we all wanted to make the most of this day, for a variety of activities – meeting with our mentors, strolling through the crowded streets for a last look at the impressive combination of old and new architecture, watching the colorful sky as the sun sets on the Esplanade, walking in the park, having dinner with a beautiful view of the ocean with delicious Atlantic seafood, or just sitting on the dock and watching the ships sail into the harbor. Some of the most beautiful scenes of the favorite places of each of us are represented by pictures in this blog. Thus, these landscapes will remain forever recorded, although it is certain that they will forever have a special place in our hearts. Although we all enjoyed different activities today, what we all had in common was summing up our impressions of our time in Boston.

We came to Boston knowing that we are connected by the same passion – economics and business. What we didn’t know was that the SUSI program would provide us with so much – an experience that would benefit us for life, very diversified topics on U.S. economics, business, society, culture and institutions, learning new teaching techniques, new teaching tools, etc. Besides that, this program showed us how to think outside of the box and how we can push our boundaries. So far, we have received more than we expected. However, what remains the most valuable are the connections and friendships we made and which, I’m sure, will last even after this program.

Although nostalgic because we are leaving Boston soon, we are so excited about the rest of the program. New York and Washington D.C., here we come! To gain new knowledge and create new memories!