A Day of Traveling Will Bring a Basket of Learning

By Le Hieu Hoc, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam

By enrolling in the SUSI for scholars on the US Economics and Business program, I hope to have the opportunity to learn more about the United States, its history, achievements and the success factors for the American economy and businesses.

The first week went by so quickly, with engaging lessons on Democratic Thoughts in the United States, American Entrepreneurship Spirit, American Economic History, Ocean Governance and Blue Economy. In addition, we also experienced extracurricular activities such as visiting the Boston Athenaeum, Public Library, Boston Fine & Arts Museum and volunteering in the Friday Night Program at Arlington Church. The classroom lessons, the history of library and the Athenaeum helped me understand: why America from a young state, imported knowledge and culture from old countries can become a country that disseminates knowledge, exports technological products, and even culture. The willingness to accept failure and take risks is an important trait to help Americans and American businesses succeed in innovation and entrepreneurship. Those who are successful and have a better life are also willing to share disadvantaged people, as a way of gratitude for what life has brought them. In the first week, there was also a symposium, from which 15 of us had chance to introduce our selves and  get to know each other.

Nevertheless an activity that I am most excited about and looking forward to is Peer to Peer Mentor. And on the first day of week 2 and fortunately I have connected with my mentor – Dr. Joe LiPuman from School of Business, University of Boston. We spent nearly 90 minutes talking with each other. Beyond the usual greetings, we quickly shared with each other the work we are doing, the subjects we are teaching, the topics we are researching. Through Dr. LiPuman’s discussions, I learned more about the US higher education system, the governance of a university, and possible research directions for future collaboration. Especially, with the successful implementation of blended learning and the online MBA program, Boston University’s experience will be valuable experiences for me as my university is also deploying. 

As the Vietnamese proverb, “a day of travelling will bring a basket of learning”, with the SUSI program, I have learned a lot and will have many more useful lessons in the coming days.