When a Study Trip Becomes an Adventure

By Azza Béjaoui, Higher School of Commerce of Tunis, Tunisia

U.S. Treasury Department Building« Ce n’est que dans l’aventure que certaines personnes réussissent à se reconnaître- se retrouver » (trans. It is only in adventure that some people manage to recognize and find themselves) (André Gide). This quotation captures the essence of what I have mainly gained from the SUSI program. This fruitful experience allows me to embark on an exciting voyage of self-discovering and know new aspects of my personality when dealing with many issues like losing luggage during my trip. It challenges me to step outside of my comfort zone and confront my own fears, especially when English is my third language.

The striking aspect of this adventure undoubtedly people who join this program. In spite of different cultures, traditions and lifestyles, tolerance and mutual respect have really fostered close friendship. Many unforgettable moments that I spent with them make this wonderful trip a memorable one.

This adventure mainly remains marked by visiting places of unparalleled natural beauty. In particular, the Washington Monument stands in Washington DC. Designed by Robert Mills, the monument is the tallest free-standing stone structure. It was created to honor George Washington, the first president of the United States. Washington DC is also a picturesque tourist destination where tourists can enjoy visiting outdoor sculptures, monuments and museums.