Yan Xiong (Casey) – Blog Post June 20, 2021

June 29, 2021 Uncategorized 0

In these days at SUSI for Secondary Educators 2021, I learned a lot about American history, culture, religion and education and so on. I really feel that the US is an inclusive country. As an English teacher in China, I think I can do a lot in my teaching in the future after finishing the program. What’s more, in the recent two weeks I have learned Orientation & Foundations of the US System of Democracy and American Institutions – Rule of Law and Individual Rights. I am most interested in critical pedagogy and I want to use critical pedagogy in my classes to cultivate my students’ critical thinking.

In the program, I also met participants who are from different countries. They showed me their country, their culture and their live. It is a good chance for all people to understand each other. In addition, through the program of SUSI, I have broadened my horizons and stimulated the desire for self-improvement.