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This is Anita Kéri here, a teacher and researcher from the University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Hungary.

Having enjoyed the first week of the SUSI 2021 program I already experience its effects on my thinking and views. First of all, the environment – even though the first three weeks are organized via ZOOM – is extremely welcoming, filled with open-minded people and amazing organizers, who have been doing their best to provide us with an experience of a lifetime. I am happy to say no matter what professors we are having a class with, asking questions and listening to thoroughly explained arguments characterize the general environment, which provides solid grounds for us to grow and develop. All in all, online ZOOM sessions are a joy to attend.

Moreover, wonderful material is provided for each and every academic session. This way, we can read and listen to videos made especially for our SUSI program, tailored to our needs and interests. With these supplementary materials, we can arrive at live sessions prepared to ask our questions or discuss a topic that we are interested in. Everyone gets the chance to participate.

I look forward to the further effects of the SUSI 2021 program both on my personal and academic lives. Personally, I enjoy the utmost openness of organizers and fellow scholars, and respect for other cultures and individuals during the sessions. Academically, I am already taking away a lot that I would be able to use during my own teaching and research. 

I can definitely second Anita’s words. I am Amanda Athayde, a Law Professor at the University of Brasília, in Brazil, and I teach business law, antitrust law and international trade law. Nice to meet you!

During the first week of sessions and studies of the SUSI 2021 Program, I really enjoyed the classes. The first highlight was Professor Corrales perspectives on executive aggrandizement and democratic backsliding, since some of the insights have concrete implications in our lives, for instance in Latin America.

Additionally, I was amazed by the article[1] and class by Schneider, on big business and inequality. It had a great impact on me, since it has correlations with two of my areas of work: antitrust law and international trade law. On antitrust law, it reminded me of some of the papers of Professor Eleanor Fox[2], on the impact of competition rules in promoting equality around the world. Additionally, on international trade law, it provided some insights on the reasons why the most concentrated sectors (metals, chemicals and plastics) are the ones which mostly apply for and are granted finally with trade remedies measures, such as antidumping and countervailing duties applied in global trade.[3] Considering that the next academic semester on the master level will start in some weeks, I will definitely include this paper in the course bibliography.

Finally, it is comforting to recognize the effort of the School to put a great program into practice. Podcast production, blog textes, library sessions, the peer mentors and the virtual hosting. It is simply astonishing, thank you!




I agree with most of  Amanda’s considerations. I am Galbadrakh, a Ph.D in Management science. Now I work at the Education department of Darkhan city, in Mongolia. Also I am half time professor in Management science at Darkhan’s School of Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

After having become involved in a one week session from the program of SUSI for Scholars, I strongly started getting to know more world scholastic issues. For example, some aspects were introduced as theoretically and practically-oriented: further sessions will be covered more about economic issues of the world’s countries. I am hopeful that  both personal and professional skills will be improved from session to session which will be helpful for my working place, as well as my teaching activity.

Also, I would like to express that this program is still influential to all my abilities to study, as well as do research in the same path of other scholars, so I totally can say that I am proud of participating in this prestigious program and I will try all my efforts to successfully completing it. Thank you for organizing such an effective session by good experienced lecturers every time.

I am looking forward to meeting other professors and collaborating with other participants from different parts of the world in order to build a globally – new one view for all nations.